QUESTION: What qualifications has Dave to teach these classes?

ANSWER: At Bible College Dave majored in Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology and Early Church History and has a Cambridge Diploma in Religious Studies from Northumberland Bible College (later part of Glasgow Bible College now SCCM).

He's walked with Jesus since 1984 and seen GOD do amazing things, including miracles, some documented in his 300 page book "How To Unlock GOD'S BIG Plan For Your Life."

QUESTION: Are the classes recorded? ANSWER: They are LIVE, this is to ensure students turn up, pay attention, LISTEN, INTERACT and EMBED what is taught plus get LIVE help to ACTUALLY CHANGE. However once you successfully complete school you also get a full set of recordings to revise anytime. (If you miss a class you get its recording too).

QUESTION: What about privacy? How confidential are these classes? ANSWER: Confidentiality and privacy are central to all we do. All class attendees are anonymous to other students. No notes are taken on any student by us at any time. Q&A sessions are anonymous. One to one personal coaching phone calls (or WhatsApp) are confidential between student and coach. (It may be possible to use WhatsApp for your one to one calls, though if calls drop because WiFi fails then instead you will need to use a normal phone call.

NOTE: However, if it is discovered you are involved in criminal activity we shall report it to the authorities. Hence you must be 100% TRUTHFUL when you apply because we ask the Holy Spirit the truth about all applicants anyway, as we pray to discern only the right people the LORD wants us to accept in school not just who we would choose at random. Only once you have completed an application and we have reviewed and approved it, will you get invited on the school.

QUESTION: I am suicidal. Will I get therapy or counselling to help me?  ANSWER: NO. We provide DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING. We do NOT provide suicidal therapy or counselling services. We coach, support and empower students to rise up in Christ and learn how to overcome their issues in a discipleship context supported by prayer. NOTE: If you are in danger or suicidal visit this page for resources which may help you.

QUESTION: I am struggling with pornography, will you cover how to overcome this addiction in school? ANSWER: Yes. We cover in depth EXACTLY how to overcome pornography because statistics suggest maybe 50% of the Body of Christ is bound (including many Pastors) and urgently need help before Satan destroys them completely.

QUESTION: Can you guarantee I will be set free from all my bondages, fears and failings by turning up? ANSWER: No. It would be foolish to promise false hope when you need honest advice. We can promise we will guide and help train you to implement all GOD has taught us about how to walk in victory and holiness for many years now. Plus know GOD Himself will NEVER FAIL YOU, as you fulfil His conditions which we lay out very clearly in class.

QUESTION: Will I be required to fast on this school? ANSWER: Yes, each week you're invited to join the leaders and rest of class by fasting with prayer (daybreak to evening), then later on a special 3 day fast before class module 6 to prepare for your breakthrough.

Fasting is not a strict requirement yet we believe it is highly beneficial if you are serious about radical change and breaking free. Plus remember Jesus said it's the only way to remove certain evil spirits (Mark 9:29). Training will be given on how to fast and of course those with health issues should consult their doctor.

QUESTION: In the Workshop Webinar "The Strangely Easy Way Even Weak Christians Can Overcome ALL Stubborn Sin" Dave taught that a Christian does not need to sin according to I John 3:9.

Is your doctrinal position that Christians will achieve sinless perfection on earth? 

 NO. We do not advocate or teach sinless perfection, rather training people in BIBLICAL HOLINESS which scripture teaches is entirely achievable. 

Plus remember the same book of 1 John ALSO says... "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us." 1 John 1:8 NKJV yet balanced with... "Without holiness no one will see the LORD." Hebrews 12:14 NIV.

QUESTION: How much is it to attend school? ANSWER: Fees are available on application. 

QUESTION: How do we pay our school fees? ANSWER: If your application is approved, school fees are paid via electronic banking.

QUESTION: Are refunds available? ANSWER: Yes. We want you to be delighted with your group and personal coaching in our 7 Week Victory Discipleship School. We also realise life intervenes sometimes in the form of emergencies or things just don't quite seem the right fit. Therefore we do give refunds for schools.

This is how our Refund Policy works...

IMPORTANT: Up until 3 days BEFORE school starts you may request a full refund of all fees paid for the whole school for any reason.

Then once school starts...

IMPORTANT: After school starts refunds are then given on a pro rata per week basis.

For example if you are enrolled as a student for two weeks of classes (even if you do not attend any class or Q&A session) you will not receive a refund for those weeks.

However if you then cancel and quit school, the balance of all remaining fees paid (ie five weeks for this example) will be refunded to you.

We must do it this way because we cannot recoup time we have invested teaching classes retroactively because that would not be fair.

Therefore to sum up...

Simply contact us via our Support Desk and request a refund within these terms above and we will be happy to process your request for you.​

QUESTION: Why are there fees for the school? Why not give this training away free or very low cost? ANSWER: Five reasons 1) We give away the 2 HOUR FREE WORKSHOP + 300 Page Guide which are expensive to host, plus other ministry overheads. 2) Your fees invest in GODS work to make disciples because the resources we provide free give hope. They challenge saints to rise up in Christ to become radical disciples. Our initial goal is give away 1,000,000+ free guides and workshops to train the Body of Christ in this way. Fees help support the work of this ministry to do this.

3) If people invest in themselves to attend they RESPECT and TREASURE what they learn. 4) Each week you get 150-180 minutes LIVE group coaching and support (1 live training lesson + 1 live Q&A session with prayer). Fees cover expenses for Dave and Pastor John and allow us to give away guides and workshops to those cannot even afford a book from poorer countries or communities. 5) Proper fees allow for more individual attention because we can hold smaller classes (in beta school).

QUESTION: Can I make a donation to help support this ministry? ANSWER: Yes, we would be thrilled if you wish to stand with us to help us make radical disciples for Jesus. You can make one off or recurring donations by secure card payment, direct via your bank, using GoCardless (UK, EU and Sweden only). For full details on how to support God's Big Plan For Your Life please see here.

QUESTION: How easy is to get on a Teleconference Class? ANSWER: Very easy... 1) You are emailed the phone number and pin number before class 2) Class time you phone in, enter your pin number and enter class. It is the same for Q&A calls and prayer... you dial a phone number and enter your pin. Everyone is anonymous for privacy. For questions we un-mute the phones and also for prayer.

QUESTION: Who will do the teaching? ANSWER: Dave will teach 90% of classes, accompanied by Pastor John Mwanakatwe who has planted Churches in Africa and is an exceptional prayer warrior. (There will be a final 45 minute exam as well).

QUESTION: Can I get prayer? ANSWER: Yes. On the Q&A Sessions. Also students who choose "ONE to ONE coaching" option (12 seats only) speak privately by phone or WhatsApp to Dave for personal coaching, prayer and prophetic input (3x1 hour sessions).

QUESTION: What time are classes held? ANSWER: Main teaching classes will be held every MONDAY EVENING 11PM UK TIME (GMT).

Q&A Follow Up Teleconference Calls will be held EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING 11PM UK TIME (GMT).

You will receive an invite with a link ONE HOUR BEFORE THE CLASS. In addition you will receive a reminder 10 minutes before class. Please ensure you are ready and enter the class in time. We start ON TIME ready or not!

For Q&A Teleconference sessions it is the same. You will be emailed a telephone number with a pin number. At the right time dial in, enter your pin number and you will get access into the teleconference. 

If you find that class time is very late for you, or you need to get home early for a few weeks, or get up super early while school is on... DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO MAKE IT TO THIS SCHOOL. This is because it is worth the sacrifice for a few weeks to change your life forever.

There is nothing we can do to change time zones. No matter when we try to set classes someone will find it does not suit them because we are reaching out here to global students.  

We are here in UK so our time zone is GMT. Check out what time classes are in your local time here...

Both Dave and Pastor John are primed and ready to coach you from 11pm until 12.30am (MONDAYS) and 11pm for 60-90 mins (Q&A WEDNESDAYS). This straddles the midnight hour when we can disrupt and devastate the powers of darkness. Therefore if attending this coaching means staying up late, or getting up super early do it! 

Remember, this is like army boot camp. Please DO NOT book a seat if you don't feel able to join in on time with the rest of us...

"You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier." 2 TIM 2:4 NKJV

NOTE: If you really can't attend a particular class for exceptional reasons, then you get a recording of the training. However, we REALLY want you attending LIVE because we want to interact with you live too so we can ask you questions and pray for you etc. Plus when we pray or engage in spiritual warfare either in class or in Q&A sessions we are doing it directly WITH AND FOR YOU, so recordings won't cut the mustard (even though the Holy Spirit will anoint them of course, yet if you are LIVE the Holy Spirit will touch you live which is the best)...


QUESTION: What time are my private ONE TO ONE personal coaching calls with Dave held? ANSWER: These will be booked in your calendar and Dave's at a time convenient to you both. Full details how to reserve your (3x1 hour sessions) private one to one calls over the course of the seven weeks will be included in your welcome pack after you have booked your seat in school.

Our desire is that as you pass through school, you grow profoundly into a victorious 'Eagle' Christian, a real HERO to all. We have a passion to then see you go on to impact the world for the Gospel of Jesus by launching your own RADICAL destiny and ministry birthed by the Holy Spirit. We'd love YOU to unleash a ministry that turns the world upside down... glorifies Jesus and sets other captives free, so go for it!