The 7 Week Victory Discipleship School from God's Big Plan For Your Life is a LIVE Discipleship Coaching Program. 

It is designed to do one thing; train you up to where you can consistently walk in victory and holiness UNAIDED. You will learn how to apply the absolute victory of the Cross and Blood of Jesus properly, so you can ENJOY walking with Jesus, without fear, knowing He loves and approves you, so you can become the hero He is calling you to be.

In the classes and follow up Q&A sessions we support and get alongside you, guiding you to identify the roadblocks hindering your walk with Jesus so you can remove them.

By GOD's grace and guidance we help you eradicate these hindrances by training you in prayer, spiritual warfare and discipleship. Our job is to empower you to embed proven scriptural principles of victory into your life, standing with you as you seek GOD.

Our goal is to help you pass out of School as an "Eagle Disciple" walking into FREEDOM. A hero GOD trusts, knowing how to live free, well able to hold your own against the powers of darkness. Battle ready to fulfil your destiny in GOD and help others get free too.

(Think of the first 7 weeks as basic training in the army... essential for anyone in war).

"No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier." 2 TIM 2:4 NKJV

The format is as follows...

For 7 weeks, each week you attend a LIVE TELECONFERENCE CLASS via your phone. 

You will attend anonymously for total privacy. 

The class is taught LIVE by Dave Alston for 90 minutes. At the end of the class there will be group prayer based on the class topic. Occasionally other GODLY prayer warriors, teachers or counsellors may accompany Dave live in these classes to help with training.

(Opportunity for deeper specific prayer relating to your own circumstances will come later in the weekly follow up Q&A session classes which are BY PHONE. (See below).

Prior to each class you must complete required reading (short, specific pieces relevant to upcoming class) before attending. After each class you receive that weeks class lesson in PDF for your own study. You will have online homework you need to complete before the next class (10 minutes normal completion). We will chase you if you don't complete it!

You will learn in powerful bite sized chunks.

IMPORTANT: If you want prayer, then LATER IN THE WEEK you attend the LIVE follow up (60-90 minute) Q&A class session via teleconference phone for questions and prayer.

How Q&A classes work: After each class you may submit your questions or prayer requests up to TUESDAY NIGHT before that weeks follow on Q&A session. This allows us time to pray over the questions, then prepare the Q&A sessions to answer those questions LIVE in the Q&A teleconference that week, and pray for certain people who have requested this. These Q&A calls are mainly based on the questions submitted BEFORE the Q&A teleconference classes. So ask in advance :)

NOTE: You may remain anonymous. 

For example when we answer questions submitted, or prayer requested with the Q&A group we will simply say "Stan requests us pray for X,Y,Z" or "From Monday's class, John asks... X,Y,Z" etc. Your privacy is ALWAYS paramount. 


It is also up to you if you choose NOT to remain anonymous on a call. 

If you prefer you may request to un-mute the call and have a conversation with us about your question which everyone on the call can listen in and benefit from. Even then we will only address you such as "John in Australia, you are live and un-muted on the call now, please ask your question." We want you to be free to make the choice as to how anonymous you wish to be on these Q&A calls.

This is the best format to answer your questions because it allows us to answer a question for you live that others may benefit from the answer too as well. Prayer will then be made for people in these live Q&A sessions. We'll agree together in faith for your breakthrough. If you choose the "ONE to ONE" option you also get personal coaching, prayer and prophetic input directly with Dave.

NOTE: If you wish to have PERSONAL ONE TO ONE prayer and coaching with Dave Alston you should choose the "ONE TO ONE CALLS" option when you book your seat which includes three, one hour calls over the course of the school privately with Dave. These are STRICTLY limited to 12 PLACES ONLY.  They are confidential for you to receive personal prayer, personal coaching and prophetic input to help you live pure, break free and hit your destiny.

See FAQ for more details.